Request a Virtual Property Tour, Virtual Meeting or Telephone Meeting Call
With the current possible restrictions there is no reason to put your plans on hold. We are still here promoting and selling our properties. If you are keen to progress your interest in buying here in the Almerìa province, then we can offer a Virtual Property Tour, a Virtual Meeting or a Telephone Meeting call.
Virtual Property Tour

If you would like to see a property in Real Time from the comfort of your own home then we are offering, with most properties and new developments, the opportunity to experience a Virtual Tour. Using various platforms such as Zoom, Whatsapp video call, Messenger video call or Facetime  we will show you around the property and surrounding area. All you need is a good internet connection and to agree a date and time, giving us time to make arrangements. Please bear in mind when requesting a date and time that Spain is one hour ahead of the UK. If you are in located in other time zones then remember the time difference when making your request.
We will endeavour to provide this service for as many of our properties that are possible and practicable. But we will confirm with you if it´s possible on a specific property and the date and time.
If you would like to have a Virtual Tour then send your details via the contact form located at the bottom of the property you would like to see. After the reference details put your request stating Virtual Tour, Date, Day and Time (Spanish time) up to 4.00 PM (3.00 PM UK time).
See below example:
Virtual Meeting with our Business Owner and Founder.
We offer up to 40 minutes presentation giving you an overview of Almerìa and why we believe it´s a fantastic area to buy; more about us as a company; the legal and buying process of buying in Spain; examples of properties we offer; an in-depth discussion on your requirements and how we can help practically to progress your plans in achieving your goals!
If you would like to have a webinar click here to send your details and the Day and Time that is convenient to you during the working week, up to 4.00 PM (3.00 PM UK time). Please put the words ´Webinar request´ at the top of the enquiry form.
Once we have your details we will send you an email confirming the day and time and a link  for you to click on, either, on your phone, laptop or tablet. NOTE: We will mainly  be using Whatsapp, Messenger, Facetime or the Zoom platform. 
If you prefer zoom we will send you a link. When you receive the link from us, Zoom will automatically download or you can download it in advance of the meeting. Click here or on the zoom icon to go to the Zoom web page to down load it.
Telephone Meeting Call.
If you would simply like us to call you for a Telephone Meeting, rather than a Virtual Meeting. then simply click here to send us an enquiry. Complete your details and the Day and Time that is convenient to you during the working week, up to 4.00 PM (3.00 PM UK time). Please put the words ´Telephone Meeting´ at the top of the enquiry form. We can call you by traditional phone or via Whatsapp or Facebook messenger if you have those apps and a good internet connection.
We look forward to talking with you very soon!
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